Tenbin Elementary School
Tenbin Elementary Profile
Located in Himawari City
Manga Chapter 1
Tenbin Elementary School is a school wherein multiple out of the ordinary incidents have occurred. It is also the main setting of the series and where most of the main characters attend.


Tenbin Elementary is a standard sized elementary school with the main entrance in the middle of two main buildings. The roofs of the main buildings are enclosed by high fences, while there are two smaller, circular roof areas in the middle.


The interior of the school is like any other elementary school, with standard classrooms, club rooms and faculty areas. When a classroom session is requested, the classroom in use is transformed to resemble that of a courtroom.


Name Status
Akane AkimotoActive


Class 6-3Edit

Name Status
Shuichi HigashideActive
Kiriko NakayamaActive
Reiko ShiratoriActive
Eisuke UozumiActive
Airi TakanashiActive
Kuniko HatakeyamaActive
Aoko AsaActive

School SpacesEdit

Inugami Law OfficeEdit