"Of the children, by the children and for the children!"

Chapter 1

The School Judgement System is the government's solution to the numerous incidents that endanger the educational system. To classrooms where out of the ordinary incidents occur, two transfer students, a lawyer and prosecutor, are immediately dispatched by the country in order to prepare a classroom arbitration.

History[edit | edit source]

System[edit | edit source]

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The School Judgement System is essentially a school version of a traditional trial, with all verdicts having legal binding force to those who are proven guilty, even adults. The most severe punishment a student can receive is a transfer to Onigashima Elementary School, that is the substitute to death penalties which are not permitted due to the fact that they are still children.

Rules and Regulations[edit | edit source]

The classroom sessions are governed by rules just as a normal trial. These rules apply to on goings in the court and attorney or prosecutor affairs during their time at school.

  • Article 8: All attorneys (and/or prosecutors) posses the right to freely utilize, for their office, a portion of the grade or middle school they are enrolled at.

Judges[edit | edit source]

Based on the assumption that there would only be biased sentences should they appoint regular judges, classroom arbitration judges are preschooler's or younger children who have all studied law at some point.

Judges are dispatched on the day of the trial.

Lawyers and Prosecutors[edit | edit source]

Aspiring junior lawyers and prosecutors study law and argumentation in Junior Law School for two years after which they take the Children's Bar Exam. The only exemption to this rule, are the Divine Tongues who passed the Bar Exam without ever attending Law School. Once they've passed, they constantly travel around the nation in order to participate in classroom trials.

Both camps are given ample time to investigate and prepare for a classroom trial.

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