Pine Hanzuki
Gender Female
Age 12
Height 147 cm
Professional Status
Occupation Prosecutor

Student (6th Grader)

Record 70 wins

14 Losses

Affiliation Tenbin Elementary School

Hanzuki Family

Previous Affiliation Junior Law School
Base of Operation Hanzuki Law Office
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Raichi Hanzuki (Father)

Unnamed Mother

Manga Chapter 1
Pine Hanazuki is a sixth grade prosecuter and a transfer student at Tenbin Elementary School in Class 6-3. She is the heiress to the distinguished Hanzuki family who is known throughout the legal world.


Pine has long, blonde hair that falls a little past her shoulders with two small portions tied back in pigtails and bangs that sweep across her forehead with two longer strands framing her face. She's of average height and has a slim frame with a light complexion and brown, almost orange eyes. The ribbons she keeps her hair in vary in color. Pine seems to have a complex about her chest, which is slightly less endowed than that of her other female classmates.

She enjoys dressing in cute clothing, often coming to school in frilly outfits with cute accessories. In the courtroom, Pine's outfit tends to resemble that of her favorite Pretty Cure character; a bright colored dress with white frills in the bottom, a ribbon on top of a sailor suit color with a noticeable accessory and a larger white ribbon at the back of her dress. She completes the outfit with knee length socks and a pair of decorative boots.


Pine is a very competitive person, going so far as to remain at Tenbin Elementary with the sole purpose of winning against Abaku Inugami, despite the fact that she was meant to transfer out after the Suzuki Dismemberment and Murder Case.

She has a talent for deceiving people, often fooling others into thinking she is sweet and innocent in order to gain their favor. In reality, she has a stuck-up personality and is quick to judge those who she thinks are of lower standing. That being said, she mostly shows that side of her to Inugami, who she has disliked since their first classroom trial and to Tento Nanahoshi. However, she is not a completely mean person, as she continuously strives to protect the people who she cares about and considers as her friends.

Pine rarely shows any weakness, but when she does, it is mostly due to thoughts about once again transferring schools and leaving those who became her friends.


Like most junior lawyers and prosecutors, Pine studied law and argumentation in Junior Law School for two years and later passed the Children's Bar Exam, making her a full-fledged junior prosecutor who could participate in classroom trials.



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  • Her favorite character from Smile Pretty Cure! is Cure Peace.