The Bloody Classroom session was an incident that happened while Abaku was in elementary. Their teacher had decided to put on a play starring the students. Inugami, Sarutobi, and Kijima (the three tongues), were chosen to play the dog, the monkey, and the pheasant respectively, as the kanji in their names each have the kanji of the animal role they were supposed to play. As there roles had already been decided, the teacher dismissed them from class early, leaving the rest of the class to argue over the remaining roles. The class proceeded to argue over the remaining role, the red ogre, as it's not a desirable role. Their unstable teacher, who had witnessed a grade 6 uprising the previous year, finally snapped and got out the kitchen knife she kept on her. She slaughtered the thirty-five students that were in class that day, and when she realized what she had done, she killed herself along with the students. The three previously excused students came back to see the carnage, and were sent to Onigashima elementary by the adults on the case. The adults were already afraid of a complaint from the public, and covered it up. The fourth survivor, Tento Nanahoshi, was sick that day, causing him to have missed the entire incident, thus saving his nlife, but causing internal turmoil in the other survivors. While they were at Onigashima, they vowed to figure out the identity of the fourth survivor, who they thought was the killer (There memories had been messed up do to the extreme stress of the incident, causing them to forget just about everything crucial.), and have them put to justice. That hatred drove them to chase a path of law, causing them to become what they became; attorneys and prosecutors for the school justice system.

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