Abaku Inugami
Gender Male
Age 12
Professional Status
Occupation Lawyer

Student (6th Grader)

Record 62 Wins

23 Losses

Affiliation Tenbin Elementary School
Previous Affiliation Onigashima Elementary School
Base of Operation Tenbin Elementary School
Personal Status
Status Active
Manga Chapter 1

Abaku Inugami is the main protagonist of the Gakkyu Hotei Series. He is a sixth grade lawyer and a transfer student at Tenbin Elementary School in Class 6-3. Inugami is also one of the Three Tongues.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Inugami is a young boy with an average build with yellow, cat-like eyes and light blonde hair. His bangs cover most of his forehead with a few strands sticking out from his head towards the left side. The color of his hair becomes a few shades darker as it comes down his neck. He also has slightly pointy teeth, which may be due to his name's affiliation with a dog and his rather feral personality.

In the courtroom, Inugami wears a collared red shirt, and a red tie under a white blazer with red lapels and cuff accents and matching white trousers with black suspenders. Inugami's casual attire varies, but they tend to be simple and relatively cheap looking. He often wears a pair of tinted, circular glasses which sometimes makes his eyes appear a few shades darker.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Inugami, as per his occupation, is naturally confrontational. During his initial introduction, he claimed his hobby to be "ronpa", meaning "confutation" and referring to the art of debate. He happily debates with anyone who makes the mistake of provoking him, leading the staff and students to initially dislike him as his skill in the art far surpasses even that of the adult faculty. However, due to his dedication to his career and the uncovering of the truth, and his success in court, he has made numerous friends. The most significant of them being Tento Nanohoshi, whom he defended in his first case at Tenbin elementary. Inugami is also generally confident, at least outwardly, not often showing concern that he will lose a case. Inugami is quite intelligent for a sixth grader, and can easily confuse and best even adults at times. He is highly articulate, and this and his impressive deductive abilities are what has earned him his title as one of the Three Tongues, which consists of the three most successful lawyers of the School Judgement system.

Background[edit | edit source]

After spending three years in Onigashima Elementary School, Inugami won the right to be released by proving his innocence and started working as a lawyer in the fourth grade.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I'm Abaku Inugami. Twelve. My hobby... is ronpa."
  • "No matter who you are, your resolve to ronpa is tested when facing overwhelming despair." (To Tento Nanahoshi)
  • "I'm Gonna Ronpa The Hell Out Of You!"
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